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Central Ohio Adventure Racing LLC or (COAR) was formed in 2008. From the beginning COAR was ment to bring "Beginner Friendly" Adventure Sports to various areas in Ohio. COAR promotes both Adventure Races and Rogaines and has put on over 40 events. Now in our 7th season we are still providing fun, value priced exciting adventures in Ohio.

Our races are in two formats, Rogaines and Adventure Races. Our Rogaines, are foot only events. The Adventure Races are multi sport events. In the Adventure Races you will Trek, Bike, Paddle and compete in special events all while navigating.
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The Lepregaine (Rogaine)
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The results are up! Thanks to everyone who showed for our 9th running of the Lepregaine. While the numbers were low (51 racers) it was a great day for it! If this was basketball and not a Rogain I'd say it was a repeat! Team Hillbilly (Pro, I called em) finished 1st! Now the other Team Hillbilly (I'd call Am, as Doug's normal partner Chuck raced with a beginner)but it was a repeat for Team Hillbilly 2 years running and they have also won it in the past. In second place was Rage Against The Cut Off! Great job Drake. In third was Slowly and Sorely! Every one seemed to have a fun time with great weather for a Spring Race.