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Hello, the race will be on this Saturday! Looks like almost equal numbers for both the 8hr and 4hr. We will be down south this year. So our race start will be in the 50 Springs area just South West of 73. There will be Orange and white signs directing you to the shelter house Start/Finish. You will need to your boats at the boat drop. this well be further down the road on the right hand side of the road on a small berm next to the lake. There will be a sign indicating "Boat Drop". You can't miss this as there is only 1 road in the Fifty Springs area. You can stage boats, PFD's and Paddles here. Those of you renting boats will find your rentals here. This is first come, first served. However, there is only 1, 3 person team renting a canoe. The drop is only 3 minutes from the start. Racers can stage bikes other gear back at the shelter house.

The race packets will be handed out when teams have staged boats and gear. All racers must be together to sign in and complete waivers. Swag will be handed out for those that made the deadline. As far as Gear goes, it's mostly common sense. You need a bike, helmet and equipment to keep it going. You will need your kayak/canoe, paddles and PFD for the paddle. When trekking you will need at minimum a compass. Our maps are made of waterproof paper but the ink is not. So contact paper is an option. Racers will need to wear Helmets when biking and PFD's when paddling. It is a real good idea to carry a whistle while paddling (in case of flipping over). The traffic on the lake is fairly busy. Racers will be biking both road and trail.

 Since we are having both an 8hr event and 4hr there will be 2 sets of meeting and start times. Be sure to note which one is yours! the 8hr race will have a race meeting at 8:30am and the race will start at 9am. The 4hr race will have the meeting at 12:30pm and start at 1pm. Both races will end at 5:00pm. Post race activities will start after 5pm ( food and results).

 See everyone Saturday!
 Todd RD, COAR
 "What are you waiting for, race-coar!"
Central Ohio Adventure Racing LLC or (COAR) was formed in 2008. From the beginning COAR was ment to bring "Beginner Friendly" Adventure Sports to various areas in Ohio. COAR promotes both Adventure Races and Rogaines and has put on over 40 events. Now in our 7th season we are still providing fun, value priced exciting adventures in Ohio.

Our races are in two formats, Rogaines and Adventure Races. Our Rogaines, are foot only events. The Adventure Races are multi sport events. In the Adventure Races you will Trek, Bike, Paddle and compete in special events all while navigating.
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