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A big thanks to all those that braved the heat and humidity of Saturday's First, Last and only AR of the 2014 season. According to Wunderground weather it was 84 degrees with 97 percent Max humidity! So, yeah it was a hot, tough 8/4 hr race for all 32 racers.
It was nice to have a 16/16 split between the 2 races. The 8 hr racers started with a 2 CP trek on the 50 Springs Peninsula. Racers took off in opposite directions sticking mostly to the road (which was faster).Hitting both mandatory CP's racers checked in and hit the Mountain Bike portion of the race. This took racers through Harveysburg and onto the single track which was a little slippery due to the rain and humidity. While on the course we found several racers bike whacking in the thick brush. While it was not covered in the pre-race it was allowed as several racers had already done it in front of us. I honestly don't know if this helped them or not. After the 6 CP's racers were returning to
CP 9/SPL. At this time the 4 hr racers were showing up. The 8hr racers were given 2 compass headings to 2 mini cp's on the Peninsula. 8 hr racers upon completing the SPL went on to the large paddle/trek leg.
4 hr racers started with the same 2 CP trek, however, they only needed 1 CP. They quickly transitioned to their bikes and head off to Harveysburg and the singletrack. Eventually, they returned after 2-3 CP's. Where the 8hr racers had a SPL at CP 9, 4h racers had only to punch the CP. Then they two were off to the Paddle/Trek leg. This leg was spread out to allow for 2 separate Trek legs of 2 CP's accessible from the Paddle. All in all the course met with great expectations. However, the winners, Team Goals ARA Midwest smoked it in 5 hours 59 minutes!
Central Ohio Adventure Racing LLC or (COAR) was formed in 2008. From the beginning COAR was ment to bring "Beginner Friendly" Adventure Sports to various areas in Ohio. COAR promotes both Adventure Races and Rogaines and has put on over 40 events. Now in our 7th season we are still providing fun, value priced exciting adventures in Ohio.

Our races are in two formats, Rogaines and Adventure Races. Our Rogaines, are foot only events. The Adventure Races are multi sport events. In the Adventure Races you will Trek, Bike, Paddle and compete in special events all while navigating.
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