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Central Ohio Adventure Racing LLC or (COAR) was formed in 2008. From the beginning COAR was ment to bring "Beginner Friendly" Adventure Sports to various areas in Ohio. COAR promotes both Adventure Races and Rogaines and has put on over 40 events. Now in our 7th season we are still providing fun, value priced exciting adventures in Ohio.

Our races are in two formats, Rogaines and Adventure Races. Our Rogaines, are foot only events. The Adventure Races are multi sport events. In the Adventure Races you will Trek, Bike, Paddle and compete in special events all while navigating.
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The Lepregaine (Rogaine)
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Racers, the last Adventure Race in our entire series has been discontinued. Unfortunately, we only had a couple registrations. With 20 racers being our minimum, we were just too far from it to go on with the event. That being the case, our friends at Topo Adventure Sports are having an event on September 24th. We suggest you check them out. For us it has been a long an unique learning experience over the last 9 COAR seasons. We have been all over the state from Hueston Woods to West Branch and Alum Creek to Strouds Run. COAR has brought Adventure in Ohio to venues that have never seen such events. We have had fun, crazy and on occasions learning experiences over the years. We have met some great racers who have become fast friends. We approached this Adventure as an opportunity to try out events that no one has ever tried, like underwater orienteering, tube paddling and even paintball! We just hope everyone stays active and still has Adventures!

Thanks, Todd